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What is the transition academy?

The transition Academy was created to prepare children for the general education program. The end goal for each child is to be able to learn in a group setting. In The Transition Academy, Children will be exposed to many skills that will allow them to learn, participate, make new friends, and grow in a school setting. The Transition Academy is not a school, it is a clinical setting using the principle of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) that mimics the school environment.

Teacher and Pupil

Who will be working with my child?

The classroom will include a teacher and one to two Educational Assistants (depending on class size and need). 


The Teacher is responsible for implementing the curriculum as a teacher would in a public school. This teacher will collaborate with the Educational Assistant to implement some of the individualized classroom and social skills goals. For example, if your child is learning to raise their hand and has a target that includes a specific question, the teacher will include the target in her lesson plans. 


The Educational Assistant is available to help the teacher and each child with their daily work and goals. For example, if your child requires a prompt for a target, the Educational Assistant will be present to assist your child in accomplishing their goal. 


Together, they are a team that will collaborate with the BCBA to ensure that each child reaches their full daily potential.

What is included in the curriculum?

Children are expected to work on Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art.


  1. Language includes goals such as writing, developing and organizing content, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

  2. Math includes goals such as reading and representing numbers, investigating fractions and money, addition and subtractions.

  3. Science includes goals such as understanding the role of humans in maintaining a healthy environment and exploring plants and animals.

  4. Social Studies includes goals such as different roles and responsibilities of different individuals in society and in a family setting.

  5. Art includes goals such as dance, drama, music and visual arts.

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