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Lead Instructor Therapist

Rebecca is an outgoing and dedicated therapist with a passion to help others. She began her career in the social support services field at a young age where she supported teens and adults with moderate to severe disabilities in the community. From there, she pursued post secondary education in psychology and behavioural science. Rebecca offers a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience working in public and private sectors in clinical and educational settings.
Rebecca is an active volunteer in the community and is a strong advocate for people and families affected by autism, other disabilities and mental health. She has 8 years experience supporting children with multi-diagnosis that present with severe behavioural needs as well as medically fragile individuals.
Rebecca believes in education for all and has a passion to help improve others quality of life. She treats each individual with the utmost care and respect that is deserved and finds fulfilment in helping them achieve their goals.

sarah l.

Instructor Therapist

Fady is a passionate behaviour therapist with experience working with children and youth with autism and other developmental disabilities. He received his Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism from The Sage Colleges. 

Fady currently works on developing programs to increase various skills for children with autism. In addition, he specializes in working on aggressive and self-injurious behaviours. Fady has spent his career working in many different environments such as homes, centers, group homes, schools, and hospitals.

His passion working in this field has developed into a mission; ensuring that all children with developmental disabilities receive the best treatment possible. Fady supports a collaborative approach. He believes that it is important to work with all individuals involved in the child’s life, including parents, siblings, teachers, childcare workers, and beyond.

delia a.

Instructor Therapist

Laura is a resourceful and dedicated clinician working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  She is a graduate from Brock University with a Masters of Applied Disability Studies with field specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis (M.ADS, 2018), and the University of Windsor with an Honours Bachelors of Arts double major in Disability Studies and Psychology (B.A.[H], 2016).
She has over ten years’ experience working with those who have a wide variety of disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and cerebral palsy in a variety of human service roles, including but not limited to: clinical and therapeutic services, respite provision, daily living supports, and adaptive athletics.
Laura is a passionate advocate and team member who creates personalized skill development and behaviour reduction programs. She has extensive experience working on multi-disciplinary teams, incorporating a biopsychosocial methodology of treatment, and is committed to involving the full circle of support to ensure the most beneficial therapeutic outcomes for the client.


Instructor Therapist